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Welcome, darlings. My real name is Kathy. You can call me that if you want.

• I love fashunnnnn
• I'm lactose intolerant. Milk is for barbarians anyway.
• My favourite flowers are hydrangeas, crocuses, roses, magnolias, cherry blossoms and daisies.
• I'll never get tired of pretty things
• I really really hate it when people trace :/ don't ask me if I trace, i will cut you
• I work at a cafe. mmm coffee.
• I go to university and am doing animation.

I believe in quality art and always trying to git gud.

check out my tumblr which has a selection of arts not available on DA

follow me on twitter where i post about my cute dog
please send help.

also his serratus anterior are amazing.

howwww.he's such a dummy tho. inferior genes how. clearly did not do any part of high school science/biology ever.

i really hope eli is liquid.


otherwise i will be bereft. why do i even like him so much oh my god. i wish he was my wife.

his dumb shirtlessness, his dumb shitty personality, (he has such a bad personality oh my god, he's just all, BROTHERRRRR and GENETICS and constantly whining about everything and mildly smug), his dumb blonde MULLET god why does he look good in a mullet?, his dumb trenchcoat, his dumb daddy issues. i don't even like british accents, but HIS.

UGH if he was mine i would wrap him in a blanket and feed him soup and then maybe he'd stop crying about big boss and solid, but probably no.

and then we could picnic in the freezing alaskan tundra.

wish the idiot didn't die.

guess whos been playing mgs1. hahahahaahahaha. i actually played them in reverse order. 4, then 3 then 2, and now 1. i am the worst.

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